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High purity graphite block

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High purity graphite block

Product Description

High purity graphite block is made by crushing the raw material and mixing , crushing and sieve and then moulding it through the mould. Then finished after bitumen impregnating and graphitization.

Feature of PDSKY High purity graphite block

1. Molded Graphite Block have Excellent thermal conductivity and conductive properties

2. Graphite mould have Low coefficient of linear expansion coefficient and good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance

3. Graphite carbon have Chemical corrosion is not easy to react with most metals

4. Graphite block have The strength increases with the increase of temperature at high temperature (more than 800 in the sintering temperature of the copper matrix)

5. PDSKY graphite price have Good lubrication and abrasion resistance

6. Graphite Easy to process, good mechanical processing performance, can machining complex shape and high precision mold

Application of PDSKY High purity graphite block

1. Graphite block can be used as refractory material

2. Graphite carbon used in Conductive materials

3. PDSKY graphite molded as a wear-resistant lubrication material

4. Used as casting, aluminum casting, molding and high temperature metallurgical materials

5. For the atomic energy industry and the defense industry

Detail specification of different kinds of Isostatic graphite carbon block and molded graphite:

Graphite produce process of PDSKY Graphite:

PDSKY graphite block products size sheet:

Pingdingshan Kaiyuan(PDSKY) Special Graphite Co.,Ltd. built in 2008, have about ten years produce experience,the main products are isostatic press graphite block and molded press graphite,

We own a complete isostatic pressing graphite production line and a molded graphite production line . The main equipment are: 1 set of LDJ1250/3200-200YS cold isostatic pressing machine, one 12500 tons mould pressing machine ,two sets of 4R pendulum grinder, two sets of 1500L kneading machine, two 25KG high pressure impregnation containers ,a set of High quality Molded Graphite for Sintering with Competitive price automatic weighing, transport, cooling system, 3 energy-saving and environmental protection calcining kilns. The annual producing capability for isostatic pressing graphite is 2500 tons and molded graphite 3500 tons.

The Isostatic pressing graphite and molded graphite are all new materials. High Purity graphite block price for sell has the properties of good conductivity, high temperature resistant, corrosion PDSKY Graphite block price resistant, high purity, self lubrication,thermal shock, isotropy , easy accurately machining etc.. It is not only the non-substituable material for making single crystal graphite block furnace, metal continuous casting graphite crystallizer and graphite electrode for EDM, High quality molded graphite block prices,but also the best choice for making a rocket nozzle, graphite reactor reduction materials and reflecting materials. And it also has a number application in metallurgy, mouldling, machinery, light Molded Graphite for Sintering mould High purity and good property graphite block ,industry, textiles, chemical industry, electronics and other industries. The graphite products are quite popular on the domestic market , they are exported to Europe and other countries too.

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  • High purity graphite block
  • High purity graphite block
  • High purity graphite block
  • High purity graphite block
  • High purity graphite block
  • High purity graphite block
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